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Are you ready to join our Bluecollar team

Are you one of our new Bluecollar employees?

Bluecollar specialises in providing medical and pharmaceutical companies with qualified operators that are trained initially in-house then send to the respective clients’ own facilities. When a client contact us to request operators that are needed for a specific project, we use Bluecollar services for the recruitment process and add any new recruits onto our payroll.

“Pharmaceutical Packaging: We made it our focus!”

Theo SnoekCEO, Valuepack

Initially, I was very nervous because I never packed before for a medical company but the training offered by the team at Bluecollar really helped me understand what I needed to do and how to do it. Once I was sent to my new location, I was ready to do my job.

I like to work for Bluecollar. They have a friendly team. They helped me find a good job that I can do very well.

For years I worked in a warehouse. When I saw the advert asking for medical packers, I thought why not. But I was very nervous because I didn’t work before for a pharmaceutical company. Bluecollar team were great in training me and showing me how to assemble and pack properly by following all the rules. When they sent me to the client, I was ready! And not at all nervous. Thank you team Bluecollar!

Are you ready to join our Bluecollar team?

Operators are needed in a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including, pharmaceutical and medical, where they are instrumental in ensuring that goods can be kept in storage without deterioration or spoilage. A good operator will be able to use their skills and knowledge to suggest changes that will increase packing line productivity without adversely impacting on quality.

Since operators work in coordination with the production, warehousing, logistics and quality control departments to ensure that goods are processed correctly, in accordance with the set procedures and time targets, a job as an operator represents an excellent opportunity for anybody looking to start a career in production or supply chain management. If this is for you, please reach out!

What we are looking for

  • Enthusiastic and motivated people
  • A willingness to learn and improve
  • Attention to detail
  • Team-work
  • Flexibility

Are you ready to join our Bluecollar team?