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About Bluecollar

Qualified operators

Bluecollar specialises in providing medical and pharmaceutical companies with qualified operators that are trained initially in-house then send to the respective clients’ own facilities. When a client contacts us to request operators that are needed for a specific project, we use Bluecollar services for the recruitment process and add any new recruits onto our payroll.

Should you be one of our new Bluecollar employees, upon your first day we will provide you with a specific training to be sure you will fulfil your duties correctly. The medical and pharmaceutical sectors are highly regulated, so it’s absolutely essential that you are familiar with some important procedures. Within a couple of days, you will become a qualified operator and will be ready to join your team at the client’s production plant. Do not worry, we will be with you, providing you with the right support until you feel comfortable enough.

Bluecollar is a sister company of Valuepack B.V, a Dutch Contract Packing Organisation based in Nijmegen. After almost two decades providing assembling and packing services for the medical devices and Pharmaceutical sectors, Valuepack launched in 2019 a dedicated service called Bluecollar for qualified operators. Bluecollar and Valuepack are two independent entities working together towards exceeding customers’ expectations. For more information about Valuepack, go to