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How we work

We have 18 years experience in recruitment of operators

We use the latest services and technology in our field to ensure that every aspect of what we do is efficient, fast and effective. We offer a wide range of skills testing and training to help companies place the right qualified operators amongst their existing production lines.

Our dedicated and friendly team are always on hand to help and average over 18 years specialist operator recruitment experience (through Valuepack).  As such, we are confident that we can offer a service that will be in-line with what you are looking for. Our aim is to offer our clients a brilliant service and hugely positive experience so that you recommend and refer us to others.

We look forward to working with you.  Call +31 (0)24 642 43 68 to find out more.

Benefits of working with Bluecollar

  • Qualified staff taken care of so you won’t have to – cost-effective solution
  • Fixed price – no hidden costs
  • Dedicated account manager – a single point of contact throughout the whole process

Why choose Bluecollar?

We have been recruiting operators for our international operations for over 18 years. We know the importance of training employees to comply with all the rules and regulations that govern the medical sector and the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to share our expertise and best practices with our clients so that they could focus on their core businesses.

We’re dedicated to responsive and clean communications with all our clients.

Why not contact us for a free consultation about your needs at: +31 (0)24  642 43 68.