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Brahim appointed as shiftleader at Valuepack Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

2 March 2021

Brahim (25) is born in Spain and grew up in Morrocco. In May 2020 he started working at Bluecollar as a production employee, employed at Valuepack. In only one year he acquired quite some knowledge about working in cleanrooms, and about medical and pharmaceutical packing. Recently, he has been promoted to shift leader. We asked him about his experiences at Bluecollar.

What motivated you to apply for a job at Bluecollar?

”Bluecollar has a very diverse workforce and offers many career opportunities. These aspects are important to me. So is diversity, which is also reflected in the corporate culture. It doesn’t matter where you come from, the team really tries to make everyone feel welcome. Besides that, Bluecollar motivates everyone to work hard and to deliver his best performance. In return, you get many opportunities and challenges to grow and to work on your personal development. They provide great trainings and management support, for example.’’

What is the biggest difference between your new function and your former role as a production employee?

“Mainly the leadership tasks and all the responsibilities that come with the job. Sometimes it can be challenging to communicate with a team that is composed of colleagues with more than 20 different backgrounds and nationalities. But if you want to meet the highest expectations  – not only from the managers but also from the production employees and process leaders – you have to find a way to properly lead the team.

However in general the diverse personalities and backgrounds in our team are one of our strengths. The diversity increases the productivity and enables us to reach even beyond our targets and goals. Together, we exceed the expected quality, making this company an example for others.’’

Last but not least, we share a few fun facts about Brahim;

  • According to Brahim, the most likeable Dutch traditions are: ‘borrels’ and drinking beer.
  • His favorite dish at work is: home-made tandoori chicken with rice.
  • His most memorable/funny experience at work: when we had to shoot a video of us doing push-ups and sit-ups for a team-building activity. We had a lot of fun shooting the video.

What would you advice people who consider applying for a position at Bluecollar?

See this job as a great chance to develop yourself, to learn working in a multicultural team and to build responsibility skills

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