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Meet Francisco: Warehouse teamleader

3 May 2021

Last month we shared the story of our shift leader Brahim. This month we asked Francisco (28) about his experiences at Bluecollar. Francisco is originally from Chile and lives in the Netherlands since November 2019. In April 2020 he started working at Bluecollar and Valuepack as a production worker. Now Francisco got promoted to warehouse teamleader recently.

How would you describe the corporate culture of Valuepack?

’Besides being a company whose absolute first priority is quality, in everything it does, Valuepack highly values diversity and inclusion. We have over 20 different nationalities working at Valuepack. Everyone speaks English, so the communication is very easy and efficient. Another important aspect at our company is teamwork. After all, in order to achieve maximum quality all the departments have to cooperate on a daily basis.’

’Being in the sector it is in, Valuepack is a well-organized employer who meticulously follows all the rules and guidelines. All employees understand why strict adherence to the rules is crucial: to us, it is day-to-day-work, to the outside world we are assisting in handling processes that are crucial to public health. The fast growth of our organization pose a lot of challenges, leading to quite a few changes over a short period of time. Our challenge is to embrace these changes and incorporate them in our daily routine, by being willing to permanently educate ourselves. This is a challenge in itself, but I strongly believe we are all heading in the right direction.’

How did Valuepack support the career growth opportunities?

’I think Valuepack is really supportive on that front. Since I started working here 10 months ago, I was promoted into 3 new positions because of my good performances. And I am not the only one, a lot of colleagues experienced the great career opportunities as well. Besides that, the company really motivates people to apply for open positions within the company.’

What are the biggest challenges at work and how do you manage these?

’The fast growth of the company requires us to learn constantly. All positions I held were completely different from each other, so I had to learn as fast as possible to keep up with the company growth rate.’

’I have a great team. The team consists of five people who communicate well and help each other when necessary. We are all motivated to make a contribution to the company’s success. My colleagues and our excellent collaboration are really important to me. They are the reason why I have so much fun at my job. I made a lot of new friends the last 10 months and really admire the multicultural atmosphere within this company. The diversity is amazing!’

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