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Personal data protection declaration

This document is a personal data protection declaration by Bluecollar B.V. company, hereinafter referred to as: Bluecollar. Bluecollar company is entered into the Kamer van Koophandel Chamber of Commerce register under no. 74953095 and its  registered seat is located at Vlotkampweg 4 (6545AG) in Nijmegen. In this Declaration we inform how Bluecollar processes and collects your personal data. We ensure that  Bluecollar company keeps the utmost care while processing these data.

Collecting personal data:

If you use the services of the Bluecollar company, you personally, simultaneously, entrust certain amount of personal data. It may happen that providing these data is necessary to conclude a commercial agreement. By the term ‘personal data’ it is understood all the data concerning an identified or possible to identify natural person.

Personal data categories:

Bluecollar processes the following categories of personal data:

  • Contact and address details;
  • E-mail address;
  • Identity card;
  • Data concerning an employment history and all the data related, included in a Curriculum vitae;
  • Financial data;
  • Account details, including – if necessary- your password and username;
  • Enterprise data;
  • Delivery address, if different from the registered seat address;
  • Other data given by you.

The purpose of data processing

Bluecollar company processes the data shared by you for the purposes of:

  • Contacting you in order to inform you about provided services and their performance;
  • Performance of the commissioned services;
  • Improving the quality of provided services;
  • Settlements of payments;
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities binding by law;
  • Running marketing activities and collecting opinions;
  • Improving functioning of the website through an analysis of the number of visitors;
  • Sending the latest information folders;
  • Exchanging data with third parties for the purposes of the service performance.

Grounds for data processing

Processing your personal data is done exclusively on the basis of: (i) binding legal regulations, (ii) responsibility to execute the agreement, (iii) obtained (explicit) consent of an interested person, (iv) justified need. While performing its services Bluecollar processes personal data, but Bluecollar processes only such data which it considers necessary to (improve) performing the services. Bluecollar deals with the (personal) data collected  from you and the data regarding the services you use very carefully. An agreement concluded with Bluecollar constitutes the basis for collecting the data.  It is also possible that being a visitor on website and providing a sufficient consent, you left your personal data which shall be processed.

Necessity of data processing

In order to perform the commissioned services it is necessary for us to process your personal data. Without these data, the services offered by Bluecollar could not be fully  performed. If, in special cases and for specific purposes, it is necessary to obtain a separate, explicit consent to process the data, you shall be asked to provide such a consent separately.

Automated decision making process

Automated decision making process shall be excluded.

Data storing period

The personal data processed by Bluecollar are stored in compliance with the binding legal regulations. If the rules of law and regulations require a longer period of storing the data, such periods shall be kept in compliance with these requirements. All the (obtained) personal data shall not be stored longer than it is necessary.

Processing by third parties

Bluecollar shall make personal date available to third parties only in a situation when it is essential to execute a concluded agreement and to fulfill responsibilities, imposed by the binding regulations and law. Bluecollar does not trade personal data. Bluecollar may be bound by the obligation to share personal data with third parties. In case of sharing the personal data with the third parties, agreements concerning the data processing are entered into. The third parties Bluecollar shares the personal data with are :

  • Payments operator– in order to execute the contract. Categories of shared and processed data are financial data.
  • Accountancy for the purposes of the contract execution. Categories of the processed data are: contact details, address details and financial data.
  • Software providers, for the purposes of the contract execution. Categories of the processed data are: e-mail address, contact details and address details ( forename, surname, address, place of residence)
  • Website administrator for the purposes of the contract execution. Categories of the processed personal data are: e-mail address, contact details, address details ( forename, surname, address, place of residence).
  • Bluecollar contracting parties, for the purposes of the contract execution. Categories of the processed data are: contact details and address details (forename, surname, address, place of residence), e-mail address, history and type of employment and all the other related data, provided in a Curriculum vitae.

Personal data protection

Bluecollar treats an issue of personal data protection very seriously and it tries to secure them in a way reflecting   possible threats, applying any available technical and organizational possibilities, taking into account a technical level, performance costs, as well as, a type, scope and context and purpose of processing these data and a degree of probability and seriousness of occurence of different threats of rights and freedom of people.

Exclusion of liability

Using the website you express your consent for an exclusion of a liability clause. Bluecollar reserves a right to change at any time the content of its website and/or this clause, without the necessity to inform its Clients and/or users about the introduced changes. The content of the website was prepared with the utmost care, but we do not exclude the possibility of  occurence of any irregularities or incompleteness of information. Bluecollar does not accept in any way any liability for damage arising as a result or resulting from the website usage. The content of the website does not in any case provide the basis for filing any rights or claims. All the texts put on the website are copyright protected and are the property of Bluecollar, if they do not belong to the third parties.

Declaration of using so-called cookies

Bluecollar uses technical and functional cookies in order to improve the website functionality. Cookies are small text files sent at the moment the website is being visited in order to shape its own offer more effectively. In compliance with the binding regulations Bluecollar is entitled to save cookies on a hard drive of a visitor if the cookies are essential to use the website.

Applying a different type of cookies requires a consent of a website visitor. We, however,  advise to accept these cookies in order to shape more friendly usage of the website by a visitor. Visitors of our website have a possibility to log in to the website.

Cookies applied by Bluecollar are functional cookies: they have influence on improving website’s functioning. These cookies do not affect the user’s personal sphere and because of that no consent to send them is either send or required. Cookies allow, among others, to save the settings of the search engine which enables optimizing the way of visiting our website or they serve as a way to preserve the website’s accessibility (load-balancing); there are also cookies which block saving other cookies ( no-follow).

With your consent we save “tracking cookies” on a hard drive of your computer. We use these cookies to track which websites are visited by you in order to prepare a profile of a network user. This profile is not associated with your surname, e-mail address or similar data. It serves to match an advertisement to your profile so that it could be possibly useful to you.

On Bluecollar website, for the purposes of Google Analytics, there are also Google cookies put on. We do not either save or update information on your operations on the Internet. Google Analytics is under the binding law regulations obliged to make an insight into the data accessible. As a result Bluecollar has no possibilities to connect the information with a natural person. In case of any further questions please contact us through:

Using Social Media

Bluecollar applies cookies of the third parties in order to optimise functioning of a website.

Some of the cookies are saved by third parties – our partners from an advertising industry, provided on the website. These partners are: Google Analytics and co-called social networking sites ( LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Using other companies’ cookies (third parties) is subject to the data protection regulations and using cookies by a given company. After clicking a Social Media icon on the website, cookies sent by these Social Media are saved on a drive. In this way social networking websites identify your IP address, as soon as you put any article on the website. As far as the cookies sent by Social Media are concerned and type of the data and/or  personal data which these websites collect in this way, we refer to the personal data protection declaration and using cookies of these portals.

Settings of a browser

Setting a website browser or a mobile application properly, you may prevent saving cookies sent by websites. Before saving the cookies, a user receives o notification with a request to express a consent to save them. If you do not express such a consent, it may in some circumstances cause difficulties with opening, operation and functioning of such a website. Setting the browser properly causes that your search engine in advance will refuse to save the cooking on a hard drive. It is also possible to remove such cookies. In order to do that you should change the settings of a search engine,  in a preference tab, and then go to settings of security and privacy

The privacy protection declaration is not applicable to the websites of the third parties connected with this website by links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will deal with your personal data in a reliable and safe way. Before visiting their website we advise to read the privacy policy of the administrators of these websites.

Information on the rights of persons the data concern:

As a person who the data concern, you have the following rights:

  • A right of access;
    As a person who the data concern, you have the right to obtain information on processing o not processing your personal data, and in case of processing to gain insight into the way of their processing.
  • A right to ractification;
    You have the right to demand data correction or completion.
  • A right to erasure the data;
    A person the data concern has the right to demand an immediate removal of these data.
  • The right to restrict the scope of data processing;
    As a person the data concern you have the right to restrict the scope of personal data processing. In order to do that, you should contact Bluecollar.
  • The right to obtain your data;

As a person the data concern you have the right to obtain copies of personal data concerning you, shared with Bluecollar, saved on commonly applied and possible to read a data storage medium and also to share these data with  Bluecollar, without any obstacles from the side of the Controller the data was shared with.

  • The right to lodge a complaint;
    As a person the data concern, in case of a special situation occurence, you always have the right to lodge a complaint concerning the way of processing your data, including the way of profiling you. Bluecollar shall stop processing personal data unless there are necessary and justified reasons for the processing continuation, and the weight of these reasons exceeds the interest, freedom and rights of the person the data concern and they are connected with running, justifying or initiating court proceedings.

Lodging a complaint

In case of lodging a complaint against Bluecollar in connection with the way the personal data are treated or willingness to use the above-mentioned rights you may contact Bluecollar via a website or an e-mail address

In order to provide the possibility of identification, Bluecollar asks to attach to the complaint a copy of your identity card. You may at the same time, in order to protect your privacy, black out your photograph and MRZ (machine readable zone). Bluecollar shall reply to the complaint as soon as it is possible, within 4 weeks at the latest. You may also file a complaint in the Personal Data Protection  Office (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens).

Contact via a link:

Privacy policy amendments

Bluecollar reserves the right to introduce at any time amendments to the  privacy policy applied. The current binding privacy policy is all the time available on the website. So, please follow our website. If a new privacy policy influences the way of processing collected and concerning you data, we shall inform you about this fact via e-mail.

The privacy policy is valid as of 4 August 2020.